Whipped Up for Winter

The cold and harsh weather has swept in and our skin is taking the strike of wind, rain and sub zero temperatures. I have scores of oils and butters, courtesy being new to the natural ‘movement’. I needed         a better skin lotion , so I whipped a batch of sheabutter mix  and here is a little rundown of what this wanna-be mixtress got up to.

 The cones are raw chocolate-shea butter brought to me by my lovely mother-in-law during her recent visit to England. They smells amazing and melted three for my first batch in the microwave. I mixed in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, five tablespoons of olive oil and some sweet almond oil. I let it cool and then added Vitamin E oil and my scent of choice which is Indian Night Jasmine Oil from The Body Shop.

I whipped it with an electric whisk until it was light and fluffy in texture. Scooped it up into a lovely mason jar (less than quid from Sam’s 99p store, bargain!) and now it is all ready to be smothered on after a hot bath.

Aside the obvious emollient properties of the oils and butter and being good enough to eat, I loved adding the Vitamin E Oil which you can get here. It is a great anti-ageing agent, protecting the skin from pollution, UV light and thus providing a level of SPF.

I smell delicious, like chocolate and jasmine and my skin looks amazing. Bring on winter!

Later loves,



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