The Secret

See Believe Receive

Maybe I should watch this once more and grasp all the wondrous nuggets of wisdom that left me bug-eyed and optimistic. The concept of eternal wealth and achievement that was first whispered and indiscreetly poured out to every self-help addict as the one thing all the big shots are hiding from us and why we are what we are.

Excited, I showed my ever cynical friend a few minutes of this documentary/movie and he sneered, ‘so all the people who have been flooded brought this on themselves’. That busted my lights and out the door walked all my dream shoes and trips around the world.

I couldn’t argue with him then but now I have ammunition. In our tiny studio flat,in our first year of wedded union, the bear and I had a board up where all that we needed to do/achieve and acquire. On moving-out day, we crossed out all that was done and though a few were not absolute perfect, it was considered achieved or done.


That is the vision board, ladies and gentlemen and though your scrapbook may be up on a wall and realistic or not, focusing on the things you have put on there is really helpful.

The secret says the universe will bring you what you want, when you ask for it and focus on it and position yourself to receive it. If you want something badly, you obsess about it and start investigating how to get and start making enquiries. You are therefore likely to recognise an opportunity when it is available and better inclined to receive it.

 I think that is it. I am off to read the book once more.

Until later,

Lots of love,



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