Some flow and a tune…

It’s one song
I’m crying, silently
Deliver us
I’m sitting ramrod straight
Yet I cant feel my spine
It melted into the seat.
Through the baritones of passion
It ripples and causes my skin to tingle

It’s one song
I can see in my mind’s eye
As he lifts his hand to orchestrate
The harp, violin and piano teasing gently
I’m speechless, back in time
In the heat of my foggy teens
Where I knew where I was 
In my own world of fantasy
Swept into a slow dance
Forgetting the candle wax
Dripping from finger to page

It’s one song
I see the choir
I try to sing 
But she is beautiful
She stands in the spotlight
Singing with the flute
The unison stings my eyes
My dance will mar its purpose
Deliver us

Its one song
It calms me down
I sigh
The tempos increases
Heart quickens, terrified for him
Deliver us
Its harmony wreaks my composure
The tears finally slide across my cheeks
He is safe
I’m free
In a crowded mobile coffin
I slide down my seat and sigh

It’s one song
My reaction may not mirror yours
But there is always a song 
You leave on repeat till your soul is at peace
It will deliver you
Deliver me
Deliver us

Vesta, 28/03/2010

Tune:Play here

I heard this song again and was mesmerised as before…two years ago. Enjoy some flow and set the mood with the sound track

Until later,
Lots of love,


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