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It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this is not one just for the ladies. I know men with tatas..seriously   ,men with knockers to rival a few percentage of women and though the percentage of occurrence of breast cancer is low in men, it still exists.

You may think it doesn’t run in your family but cancer is simply an accelerated division of rogue cells who don’t know when to stop as intended and such spontaneity can occur in every other person, albeit more prone in a few people.

Please feel your breasts yourself, your partner may get distracted 😉 and we don’t want to miss anything. The tissue involved stretches from the armpit level all the way down to the tip of your nipple so please keep an eye on your lady lumps. Any changes should be checked by your doctor, better safe than sorry, I say.

There is tons of information out there and below I will provide links to sites that will show how to properly examine your melons/oranges/lemons. Another link would provide the opportunity to contribute to research which provides better treatments for those affected or a possibly cure in the future.

So please go ahead and feel yourself. Do take your time or else picture yourself without your twins or really ill due to a lack of at least 5 minutes for your chesteses.

How to check yourself for breast cancer

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