Vesta reads…or listens

Audible is the chatty sister to a calm and ‘wordy’ Kindle, the e-reader. These are all products of Amazon, who are a blessing to my internet shopper alter ego (name with-held). Obviously, Kindle is a boss when it comes to e-reader apps and it’s a ying yang affair for book worms (i.e. moi) who love the storage solution of the app but also miss the addictive flipping of the pages of a book and cool feel of the page against your fingertips. The smell of an old dusty book can transport you to a time of old or the crisp fresh scent of a book fresh of the press is just something which may be brought to us in the future via technology,  but not on the current bright screens of a hard e-reader. They have rendered useless my purchase of the perfect bookmark, tsk tsk

Anyhow, I love Audible; it reminds me of the bed-time story days of my childhood. Lessons in morality passed down in folk tales at dusk, with characters like Kweku Ananse and his wife Yaa, still resound in my head till this day. If you are older and have any device which is audio compatible, Audible has got your back. The books are read out either by the author or by actors with as much gusto or sultry sexiness as your imagination would have led you to see. For a monthly subscription, you can immerse yourself into another world at any time of day via an mp3 player, Audible installed on your phone or via your laptop. I love to giggle along in the kitchen, when the nerd and the wife meet and I am mixing things up into deliciousness, albeit listening to Richard Branson telling how he lost his virginity:)

My teenage self won’t mind reliving Sweet Valley High, Enid Blyton tales or currently The Harry Potter series via their real voices; all to myself. I may chance it and relive the shock of sexuality in Forever by Judy Blume, LOL.

Cheerio everyone, as I nod off to The Hobbit, thankfully, I don’t have to carry the book in to bed or need a night light.

Until later,
Lots of love,


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