Scalp Wars

You all may be aware that I am on a hair journey to obviously attain a healthy long mane and will soon be doing the ‘big chop’ to go au naturelle. I have had slightly severe scalp issues, i.e. itchiness and flaky-large flakes on my scalp just from brushing. Flakes that wont wash out and are quite unsightly. I couldn’t sleep and would wake up at dawn just to wash out the itch/cool down my scalp, for a day or two. So I went to the GP and was advised to use Nizarol which got rid of the itching, but the flakes persist, even though I wash my hair twice a week and deep condition too.

I am in a better place now and I came across this amazing article from a great hair blog and I am going to practice what it is preaching. I will provide the link below. If you are suffering too, there is help out there.

Dealing with Scalp Psoriasis and Natural Hair


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