Your hair is dead anyway

Yes it is, dead strands of keratin
in layers of medulla*, cortex and cuticle from the inside out. Cuticles are
clear and of course as the outer layer protects the cortex which depicts the
colour you have and medulla is present beneath the dermis and there you have
it. Hair. Genetics determines the texture, colour and the environment does help
or takes its toll. Of course, if you mess with the outside, by applying heat or
relaxer which stretches it out by breaking down the bonds of  your curly strands to make it straight, you
have damaged it because it is not in its natural just-grew-out-of-the-scalp
state any more. You have altered it. It is about control of your body
and image and what you think people think about you and on and on and on. But
your hair is a bunch of dead cells, bonded together into strands that cannot be
reinforced permanently but can be managed week after week with doses of
laboratory hopefuls of creams and suspensions until you decide, hey why don’t I
just chop it all off. My hair is dead anyway!

Of course, the stylist who has
not by choice, but by lack of knowledge, been feeding you all those myths about
black people’s hair, knows how to grow it long, because he/she has accepted the
state of their unhealthy hair and you should trust them with yours in this age
of immense information about how you can do it yourself, at your finger tips.
But your hair is dead so why bother and why pay someone every week to lie to
you and touch it unloving-ly. If they know their stuff, fine, go ahead.

But my hair is dead and this Christmas,
all the relaxed ends are coming off (slight panic sets in)

The day of the Big Chop is set
now (gulp)

Lots of love


PS: I tell myself the above when I am frustrated with my mane but it is true I am cutting my hair this December, so help me God


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  1. July 1, 2012 / 7:43 pm

    girl…..wy are u choping it off i'm going natural but i'm leavng it fall off by itself….and this i will hide under cornrows and weaves:) (great…now everyone knows my secrets)

    • July 1, 2012 / 8:26 pm

      Lol, Jay hun, I am a little frustrated and I need to know where I stand with my hair. I have given myself 6 months to work with the tangles until the BC. I think it will be fun,;). You will see what I mean when your curls are peeking through and your ends look anorexic,LOL.