Disclaimer: Before you judge me, please hear me out, mmm-kay. 🙂

So I was thinking, (don’t worry, my head did not explode)…I am a very emotional chatterbox who is aspiring to establish her own fashion sense. My idea was to give my blog some structure, as I currently don’t really have one and did this to tap into my own creativity as I indulge in others on their own blogs and YouTube.

So why not blog as chocolate which will be my rants and activities and curves will allow me to indulge in my feminine  wiles i.e. shopping and the associated feminine tendencies. Don’t worry, he is into accounting and thus, it has rubbed off me well. You will not need to stage an intervention in a couple of months, in a high street dressing room on Oxford Circus, promise. 

I will strive not to accumulate junk and as I would deem it necessary to share my spoils, they would be utterly relevant and savvy in these times of austerity (i hope).

Let me know what you think below and hopefully inspire me on my next quest.



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