The Mystery of the Mist

You know when you walk into a shop, knowing what you are going to buy and being a good disciplined person, you find it quickly and make a beeline for the till. Half an hour later, you walk out with a bag of products and you think what happened. I was hypnotized! By the shop assistant who really knows her job.

Shouldn’t have told her I have some eye shadows, then she wouldn’t have brought out the mist to make them vibrant. “Just add a little mist”, she said. Then the brush. Which I now have in my possession…please tell me what happened to me.

Don’t know how I feel about it and have not used it for the eye shadow too. Spritz a little on my MAC Studio Fix powder and it worked as really good sort of creme to powder complex and I really love the finish. With this heat, I will pop it in the bag and spray some of it Vitamin E goodness whenever I need it. Now to discover more of its uses.

How many times have you bought stuff you did not need and do you remember what happened? Please do tell. xxx


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  1. May 29, 2012 / 8:23 am

    That's exactly what the stores are meant to do. They display stuff in a way that's appealing even to the most disciplined minds. Even in your case, they get the most sanguine-melancholic people to work customer support and make sure you get the whole line. I'd share stories, but it's fast becoming a regular appearance… at least it'll keep for a while. 😉