I don’t make New Year’s resolutions any more.I found it disappointing when in December, it all floods back and I could not cross of any ‘to-dos’ of the list.

These past couple of month’s not having a game plan/ to-do list is not helping at all. I go to bed late, thinking what did you do today, V? Aside making sure the men are fed, all I did was watch YouTube vids, watching other people’s creativity and just  chilling.

Maybe all this time spent here might inspire me(it sure does..sometimes) but me needs to get up and do something.

The Rosetta Stone I bought is not being used and I did say I was going to blog and I am doing it, so well, I am  a little on track but for the next week, the discipline that woke me up to do stuff is going to be re-inforced.

That is No.1 for now. Before the birthday, the list will be written.

Time to wake up, V


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  1. April 15, 2012 / 11:07 pm

    i think its time for all of us to wake up. must be something about growing up that takes the zeal out. smh. something is not right somewhere.