The Bag of Honour

Black teased leather
mit gold trimmings embossed with the precious four-leaf clover designs

If you have that deep sexy voice, help me say the longest
overdue thanks again to the team who gave me this roomy rich purple lined bag
which has enough space for everything in my wardrobe, my books, the
umbrella(for the predictably safe London weather-not!) and lunch, LOL.

A Mischa Barton Beauty.

Handpicked by the lovely Jo and blessed by David, Lexie and
Sue! For being an awesome and legendary; mean but friendly assistant and
fighting off the troops whilst they worked behind those colourful curtains just
to make the world a better place. Truth!

I totally love it and it has given me the balls to put the
old ones to rest via charity and start my new journey with this beauty on my
arm. I will proudly wield this through the streets of London, like the Olympic torch. Thanks guys,


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