I am barely done with the chapter on extroverted evangelism and the culture of extroversion in Harvard Business School and I am already pleasantly satiated with this book. From minimalism to introversion, it seems for me, 2015 may well be the year I tune in and step out, as me.

The characteristics I so far recognise are; nose deep in Enid Blyton’s books and preferring to not go out and play. Even now, I would rather curl up with a book and NEtflix, than go to an event I have tickets for. Who doesn’t go to the London Eye for a ride? ME

Quiet and dreaming all the time (even now), writing my first poem from scratch and my preference for the silence of the organised orthodox churches, with its simple rituals and manners to the more charismatic, dancey, jolly younger church. Here’s my excuse to all those invitations I didn’t honour. I am an introvert.

I understand now, why I prefer the suburbs to the hustle and bustle of the city. I don’t mind it but I would rather not, live there. Over-stimulation may bring some people out of their shell but for some of us, it makes us want to crawl back and retreat from all the hocus pocus.


I am constantly seeking simplicity and peace and quiet and the clutter (mostly caused by me) and the extroverted exuberance of a hubby may cause me to retreat to the silence of the bedroom laced with tunes of Classic FM. Me standing away from his friends as he chats away and possibly physically cringing at having to engage; been called a snob when I would rather just talk to the people I know. I know, my behaviour may not be excused but now that the chips are falling into place, I can deduce my triggers and hindrances and go forth and conquer.

As famously stated on Tumblr, if you know your own flaws, no one can use them against you.

 So introverts, unite! Separately.

Go get that book, it will change how you think you know yourself and relieve you of  your guilt for not wanting to be famous and front and centre and for being shy.

Until later,



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