Thursday, 30 June 2016

Look Fantastic & Cohorted June Beauty Boxes| A Year of Beauty Boxes

It's been a minute since my last beauty box series and it's back baby! There's a lot more on the market right now and access to better curated ones in the United Kingdom is easier so I am ready to take you on another journey of savvy picks of beauty boxes.

This month's picks are Look Fantastic and a forgotten subscription cancellation delivery from Look Fantastic. I am biased towards the Look Fantastic Beauty Boxes because I won a free pair of platinum GHDs from them but as you can tell from the contents, they are worth their £15 price tag and more

This month's theme is Jetsetter for your summer travels and there's nothing in the box I can't use personally, which is great!

Amazing stuff!

The next box was one I have eyed for a couple of months into reigniting this series. There's nothing more to make you want something than to find out it's out of stock. So, like a good student, I put that order notification in my iCal and got my quid ready and it honestly didn't disappoint. 

High end and very sleek, products came in a black box finished of in a bow. 

Yes, Please and Thankyouverymuch. 

What is it about untying a bow? Please do tell me. Aside the shade of Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Pampol which is a very pale pink and not shade I can just slap on, the other products are worth it. It would take a complimentary lip liner and a bit of blending. Everything else is prize money. From the HD brows Eye and Brow Kit worth £25 and the Blue Lord & Berry Eyeliner (£12)and that can of bronzing spray from James Read(£25), it is 3 wins against a workable 4th and totally worth the price tag of £35

Which beauty box will you recommend I get next? Please let me know in the comments below

Until later,

PPS: You can see this unboxing on videeoooo... toodles


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Welcome to my Short Hair Journey | Colour, Cut and a Bald Head

A quick perusal of my Instagram feed will yield zero hair photos in the last 6 months. It is either a texture shot during wash day or a shot of the products that are making the line-up for the infamous natural hair wash day.

A whole flipping day dedicated to pre-poo, massaging our scalps, shampoo, deep condition for 30 minutess with a heat cap or for  the entire shopping run till late afternoon deep conditioning on the go and then rinse, maybe a clay wash and an ACV rinse, y’know to close them cuticles and whatnot and then twist and put it away. If you know how much you are worth per hour (that’s how I have been getting out of chasing my tail and outsourcing some tasks) you may have literally spent up to £150 of your intelligent life, washing your hair strands and then no one gets to see the work.

If your manager shelves a project you had spent that amount of time on, you would have hopped on Facebook with a speech to rival Eli Pope from Scandal.  Girl that is why I am taking a break from ‘growing’ my hair. It is not enough fun with all my various protective styles, from the Ghanaian aunties literally snatching my scalp into a Marley twists hair style and the follow up wig life which is all fabulous but it is time to just enjoy my hair.

I know, I know, I have hand-in-hair syndrome but we are not perfect, so from my Pinterest board to my head of hair, it is time to go fun and grab some bleach and that dark blue colour but first. It will be purple for the summer, because you know, Prince.

Below are all the colours and shapes I will be growing through as I go back to a TWA. That’s the goal, darlings, from a big majestic purple fro to a dark blue tapered cut and then a shaved side forest green for Spring and on and on until we are back to basic scalp-seeing levels.

Pray for me y’all. Deliver me from my chicken natural hair ways.  Worship the Lord with me as I faithfully order my steps through this non-introverted quest to have fun with my follicles.

Care and fun suggestions are welcome on board and professionals who can make this journey easier too. Please put them all down below

Welcome to my journey to short hair.

Until later,

Thursday, 19 May 2016

One on One with Diptyque

When Christiane (a interior designer), Yves (theatre director) and Desmonde a painter teamed up to open a store on 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain, to sell their designs, the essence and aesthetic of their collective creativity morphed into the beautiful brand that is Diptyque.

This is why 34 is embossed on their products and Desmond paintings can be found there too, take a second look.

I have chanced upon Diptyque candles a few times when I go into Space NK and there are a lot to choice from. I couldn't just decide in between getting my Skin Enhancer or my creamy Cleanser how else to spend £42 on a candle. We are bloggers, we love to swatch...but how do you swatch a candle?

Diptyque candle

How to clear your scent senses

I visited Space NK Knightsbridge's branch on Hans Crescent Road, for a chance to swatch and sniff and engage with every candle they've got. Let's just say, my olfactory senses were opened, and I have learnt a whole lot more about what cAan go into wax than vanilla and rose essential oils. From coriander Coriandre to ash in Feu De Bois, the essence of their candles are mind blowing and just beautiful. I smelt enough to make a list of what I need and in between I sniffed roasted coffee beans to reset my nostrils to appreciate the next scent.

I went home with Baies, an incredible scent with Bulgarian roses and blackcurrant leaves, boy I knew I disliked rose scents but this is it! It is bae.

Baies is Bae.

I love it.

I have a list of candles  I need want. 

Here's to another addiction, as sweet smelling as it will be.

Until later,

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