Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Fashion Blog

I have sitting on this idea to create a fashion blog focused on Ghana, where my family is from. The whites, and greys and blacks are all good but there's something about African print and design that just wakes you up.

Link to the new blog is below. Follow me there and enjoy

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Hypocritical Work Out Fiend

I love running. Based on my once a blue moon posts about running and buying expensive gear, you may believe me

I love yoga. The deep breaths as I arch into a scorpion pose just blow away the stresses of figuring out what to do with my life

In all, the tensions released from my muscles or the ability to run a whole street without breaking inspires my wobbly heart to give it another go and another and another.

But I fell last week and for three weeks before that I hadn’t worked out, always waiting for the perfect moment, the subtle breeze and perfect sunset for selfies to venture out and break a sweat.

And now I am angry, that my knee can’t take the yoga mat. I am ready now. Boxes are all unpacked and the space is clear for Yoga with Adrienne

Horror stories from the interweb prevents me form tying my laces and running the streets of my neighbourhood. Me, out there, clad in my Nike gear and looking like I am topping up my fitness after running the London marathon this weekend.

But injuries happen and though I am healing slowly (it’s been a whole week since the fall! Urgh) and I am going to the doctor to have my knee checked. Hopefully, he would see past my vanishing double chin and recognise the angst of a procrastinating fitness fanatic. I sincerely do clean my dumb bells, I promise and I don’t go to bed without hitting 10,000 steps on my Fitbit.

Anyone else frustrated for me?

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Monday, 27 April 2015

The New Lush Store #LushOxfordStreet

This post is pretty pic heavy with a haul video, yipee!!!!

You just cannot escape picking a few things up when you pop into a Lush store but with over 200 new products and spread over 3 floors...there's no escape from buying a few bath bombs or bath oils or cleansers or lipsticks and on and on and freaking on

I will show you a few shelves and spaces and hope you don't go there jk!

I present to you...a few goodies spotted in the new LUSH OXFORD STREET STORE

All you need is a bath bomb

Lush Spa kitchen table

Child's Play

Hair wash station

Henna Hair Dye

Does Beyonce know about this?

A Candle in Real Bamboo called Inhale
Gorgeous Ginger Bath Oils

A bath oil called Furze, how cute is it!

The lovely Ann of Lush Oxford Street

It is pretty incredible that they have opened their largest store in the world in London, with a spa that houses 4 treatment rooms. One of them can fit two

Do pop in and try not to shop

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