Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Dublin in 72 hours | Day 1

We arrived late Wednesday to start our Easter weekend of the mister's birthday celebration. Due to the usual flight issues, we arrived at midnight and slept in. The Best Western Hotel we stayed in was old school, with the usual carpeting and wallpaper but the staff were very helpful and the Irish are a very welcoming and friendly bunch. Coming from London, it was a shock to us but we absolutely loved it.

We rented a car from Sixt Car Rental which made the trip a little easier...we got an upgrade and it was definitely a sweet ride in and out of Dublin city. Parking charges range from as low as €1 an hour at the Botanical Gardens and €4 an hour just off Dame Street, usually capped at €15 for the whole day.

tasting the range Guinness has to offer

Pouring the perfect pint

Our first tourist stop was the Guinness Storehouse. We had prebooked the Connoisseur Experience and it was totally worth every penny!

Darren was a delight!

We sampled the varieties of Guinness with the Draught beer being the first, then the Guinness Original which is served in the Western hemisphere and the Foreign Extra Stout and the Dublin Porter which is a retro formula formulated by Arthur Guinness himself.

A word of caution would be to have a good meal before your session! 4 half pints of Guinness on an empty tummy makes a very fun Vesta!

The views were incredible and the experience is highly recommended.

Follow the blog to check out what else to do in Dublin and what we got up to. Vikings and Castles abound.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

3107 London Artisan Skincare Launch

Heart, Soul and My Everything. 

When you create something to fulfil a need so delicate...like troubled skin, when you have touched enough to soothe and make skin better as a renowned facialist, you know it's going to be like the breakfast scene from Matilda when everything just falls in place when she waves her arms.

With uplifting notes of lemon grass and geranium, use the deliciously textured melting balm as a luxe makeup remover after a typical maddening day. Slather on, relax and inhale as you wipe off the day and calmly embrace an unwinding evening.  You could also massage it into freshly cleansed skin and sink into a hot bath, allowing the steam to waft over you and try not to fall asleep in the bath ;). This is definitely going to become a ritual for life. The facial oil is just beautiful, light and slightly fragranced, it was borne out of Dija's personal need to soothe her own skin, which was sore, hot and needed TLC from the harsh winter winds. A couple of drops via the applicator dropper and just massage it into freshly cleansed and toned skin, morning or evening or both.

3107 represents birthdays of the 3 generations of Dija, her mum and daughter and with such beautiful hand blended products and a few more to expand the range of this organic artisan skincare range, it is expectant to say we will be seeing 3107 London in the most decadent and beautifully handpicked places, for many more generations to come.

Until later,

Monday, 18 January 2016

A Winter of Hair Love and Female Bonding

As a product junkie, i should be banned from all natural hair shows and someone let me into Motel Studios where Antidote Street, one of the UK's premiere online shopping sites for natural hair, held a hair event with the extra mod cons of a trichologist from Fulham Scalp and  Hair Clinic,  a hair stylist and as sought after hair care brands such as Curly by Nature, Design Essentials, Hug My Hair, Frizz Free Hair and Miss Jessie's

Prescribed and curated hair and scalp care products were also available at the Fulham Hair and Scalp stall and I will need to pick a few when I go in for my full consultation. Tickets were going for normal entry and a consultant session either with a Stylist or Trichologist. My trichologist session proved what i had been nasty about all Autumn, there's a lot of scaling around my hairline and my seborrheic dermatitis has flared up. Stress and diet could be a factor but now I know what the problems and I can deal with it, instead of rubbing my scalp raw.

The next event was the I Define Me Tour Queen's Tea Party, hosted by the queen and personification of Black Girl Magic Rachy of UK Afrolista. It was a gorgeous meet up of beauty, lots and lots of natural hair and brains discussing topics such as the effects of being a natural haired beauty at work, how it affects or affected relationships amongst other cultural issues surrounding black womanhood. It is an event I will go to again and again

The year 2016 started in one of my favourite places with one of my favourite people, Pelumi of Care for Your Hair UK. Mama has a gorgeous mane and hosted another one of her brunches which I raved about from last summer. We had lovely lifestyle coaches and nutritionist give us a great and informative start to the year and the goody bags were heavy and well thought out...just the way I like it.

At a time, where a pair of comfy socks and binge watching How to Get Away with murder is in vogue, it is nice to go out and have a conversation about life and all the crazy thats going on in your head. You may learn about the wheel of life or why night shades foods aren't so awesome. A nutritionist may confirm, that mashed avocado on toast, with smoked salmon and sliced eggs isn't as healthy together as you thought.

Go out there but wrap up warm.

Until later,

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