Thursday, 19 May 2016

One on One with Diptyque

When Christiane (a interior designer), Yves (theatre director) and Desmonde a painter teamed up to open a store on 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain, to sell their designs, the essence and aesthetic of their collective creativity morphed into the beautiful brand that is Diptyque.

This is why 34 is embossed on their products and Desmond paintings can be found there too, take a second look.

I have chanced upon Diptyque candles a few times when I go into Space NK and there are a lot to choice from. I couldn't just decide in between getting my Skin Enhancer or my creamy Cleanser how else to spend £42 on a candle. We are bloggers, we love to swatch...but how do you swatch a candle?

Diptyque candle

How to clear your scent senses

I visited Space NK Knightsbridge's branch on Hans Crescent Road, for a chance to swatch and sniff and engage with every candle they've got. Let's just say, my olfactory senses were opened, and I have learnt a whole lot more about what cAan go into wax than vanilla and rose essential oils. From coriander Coriandre to ash in Feu De Bois, the essence of their candles are mind blowing and just beautiful. I smelt enough to make a list of what I need and in between I sniffed roasted coffee beans to reset my nostrils to appreciate the next scent.

I went home with Baies, an incredible scent with Bulgarian roses and blackcurrant leaves, boy I knew I disliked rose scents but this is it! It is bae.

Baies is Bae.

I love it.

I have a list of candles  I need want. 

Here's to another addiction, as sweet smelling as it will be.

Until later,


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Sarsaparilla| Review of Premae MM Foundation

Indie skincare to me feels like a secret club. A sorority where the genius products are created and sent to a select few...and you can definitely join, if you just look out for it. 

I first chanced on Premae at the Wonder Woman Event at their Whitely's London store and it changed my life. Dr Clare Eluka's story about the journey of her brand was absolutely inspirational and I became a disciple. Just go to and you will be hooked and the deals! Do not get me started on the deals, I have a stash of their harmony serum and I am a minimalist!

So, the foundation. I got a sample of their MM foundation in Sarsaparilla and I popped it in my bag for a trip to Birmingham in February and I just hit pan in May. Do the math.

Commuter makeup squad

It is a cream foundation with mango, jojoba, lavender and rosemary but it has no perfume in it. A little goes a long way and for me that's frustrating because I want to buy more from her line. It needs a good foundation brush to apply and viola, you are ready to take on the day in a multi-vitamin smoothie of a foundation you can sleep in without a thought.

Here's my selfie after my first application

6 hours later, without touch up

A mattifying primer will be great in my case, as I have combination oily skin but as you can see, the finish is flawless. I have no concealer on. The shades run from the palest in the shade Tapioca and finishes off in the deep chocolate Sarsaparilla, you see on my skin here

This foundation is clearly a winner and Claire, I am ready for everything else!

Until later,


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Hello Beautiful | Look fantastic Beauty Box May Edition

Being a minimalist beauty blogger(i'm trying) is as hard as standing in a candy store and saying you are going sugar free. It is as tough as not moisturising your lips first and applying a matte lipstick or hoping your foundation will hold the entire day without a primer. You know better and can do better.

I missed getting these in the mail, boxes of curated pieces, fussed over by a team of experts just to cater to a season or theme or month.  I missed getting beauty boxes! So to tip my toe back into this incredibly diverse world of coloured paper and box fillings, I went back to LookFantastic. I bought their first ever beauty box last September and in the process, nabbed some free GHDS!

Here's what's on offer in May 2016's #lfhellobeautiful beauty box

 There's a whole lot of skincare love and I am here for all off it! There's also a Revlon Coconut Oil mask for your hair and a Wet Ones hair brush which should be a beaut to use in the shower. Wash, brush out tangles and step out into the summer heat!

It is nice and terrifying to be back in the sphere of beauty again and hopefully I wouldn't lose my head down this rabbit hole. 

Pray this doesn't spiral out of control and I would like to know what could lead you down a spiral of your guilty pleasure. Do tell

In this box:
Wet Brush
UNIQ One All in One Hair Treatment 
IOMA Optimum Moisture Cream
REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial
DeclĂ©or Intense Nutrition Cream 
Vichy Liftactive Moisturiser

Until later,
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